I made this short video blog last summer and am just posting it here now. In the video, I go over some fairly inexpensive video blogging accessories. These include the Rode SmartLav+ (plus TRS adapter),  Pedco Ultrapod II, and Zoom H1 recorder,. At the end, I make the promise to do more video blogging in 2016–which I then completely failed to do! Erm, I know what’s going on my goal list in 2018. 

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Writing for videos and podcasts has taught me an important lesson: Compared to your eyes, your ears aren’t the brightest sensory organs in the room. I’m no neuroscientist, but if you look at the amount of grey matter dedicated to making sense of what we see versus what we hear, it’s apparent that we’ve evolved to rely on our eyes more than our ears.


Primary auditory cortex, featured in magenta. (Source:

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